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Located in Brampton,we are available to assist with just about anything that has 'computer' in it. Our services range from computer setup and installation, software installation, training and removal, and web site design and construction.

If we can't do the work remotely, we will arrange a convenient time to visit and perform the necessary services. Contact us with your requirements so that we can give you a free estimate.

Once you become a satisfied customer of the Net-Tech Solutions we will offer a 10% discount on our next service if you refer us to your friends, family members and neighbors.

If you want to help us spread the word, use the reference form to tell your friends and family.

Everybody knows Nettech... that handy guys that knows or can fix most things to do with computers. Now you can have have a handy computer guy to help...

We offer an array of services designed to assist with the every widening arena of technologies surrounding the computer, internet and electronic communications. Our specialty is assisting families who may be widely distributed, re-unite and remain connected thru the use of technology.

This may be as simple as establishing a email network or web site to share information. It may mean introducting audio and video teleconferencing to allow everyone to keep in touch. The possibilities are boundless and diverse, which sometimes makes is difficult to implement successfully without assistance. We are here to make sense of your needs, and suggest and implement solutions to keep everyone in touch.

Today's world revolves around computers and electronic communications. Without it, you may be missing inportant information that is readily available.

But more importantly, you may be missing out on what is happening with other family members and friends. Reconnecting with those important people in your life can be made simpler with the use of computer technology.

What can we do for you today? Below is a sample of technologies and services that we can provide to assist you with your needs. It may be a new computer, or upgrading the one that you currently own. Whatever you need, we can help...

If you don't see it on the menu, just ask! If it has the word computer in it, we can probably help.
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