We seek out and utilize the technology that our affiliates provide to help keep your family connected. From the latest in wireless networking to connect the computers within your home, to VOIP (Voice over IP) telephone services that cut the cost of telephone service (for you and those who call you long distance).

And don't forget to share the memories! Let your extended family share the memories by sharing pictures and video on your own family web site, letting little Billy talk with Grandma with unlimited long distance via VOIP, or chat on-line with your 'distributed' family members (with or without real time video!).

Let us show you how!

We'll be happy to do it all!

Thinking about upgrading that old computer or considering the purchase of a new computer? Don't have the time to shop around, even if you knew what you really needed or wanted?

If you prefer, we'll shop for you! We'll find the best price, purchase and install that computer upgrade, or complete new computer. We'll even handle mailing any available rebates for you.

We are affiliated with vendors
that we have used for years in building and maintaining computer systems.

These vendors are highly recommended, if you prefer to obtain equipment and software yourself, but have us do the setup or install.

Quick shipping
Excellent customer service.
Best selection at great prices

We'll be happy to work with you to select, purchase, install and setup equipment, software and services.

And just as our preferred vendors offer terrific customer support, we will provide continuing support via phone, e-mail and instant messaging to help with any questions to ensure your full satisfaction.

And let's not forget about eBay which can provide some terrific bargains on new and used equipment and even software. But to really benefit from auction sites, it is important to know something about what you are looking to buy.

We can let you know what you can expect to pay for a particular item on eBay, and give you our recommendation about whether to buy from a retail vendor or eBay wholesaler.

It can be a jungle out there on eBay, but our experience trading can help weed out the auctions that seem too good to be true (and usually are).

Here are a few of our affiliates. We currently have associations with multiple vendors, and the list is updated as we find new places to shop.
See the complete list here!
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Dell Computer
Best prices, best service in a complete pre-built package.

Highspeed Internet service via DSL

Great specials and clearance items. Especially cell phones and accessories.

Want to cut your home telephone bill in half? VOIP is growing.

The ultimate flea market, but bargains are available!

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